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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Following is an article by me published in SAPTAGIRI , June 2003 journal -

Truth to Live by

— Dr. S. Soundarapandian
In Sanskrit treatises, aspecially in commentary works, we meet sweet truths called 'Nyayas'. One cannot but appreciate these Nyayas for their elegant simplicity and truthfulness to real life surpassing the barriers of time. Here are a few of them :

1. Padma Patra Nyaya

Water droplets do sit on the leaf of lotus. But, it does not stick to it. Similarly, though we live in this world, we need not inculcate attachment to it.

2. Vishakrimi Nyaya

Germs survive even in poisonous things. So, what is poison is somebody's food. So, truth should be weighed with its impacts.

3. Kakathaliya Nyaya

One day, while a crow was sitting beneath a palmtree, a palm-fruit fell down exactly on the head of the crow! The crow died miserably. Now, who was responsible? The crow which sat at the point or the fruit? For some, the fruit appears responsible and for some the crow. Actually, both are not at all responsible! It was a sheer accident! In this way for finding any truth, reason is necessary.

4. Shukrajata Nyaya

In a dark evening, pillar seems to be a man. But, also! it is a pillar, when it is seen closely! So, mere appearance should not be taken into account for, such appearances will cause innumerable troubles to our life.

5. Dakta Patha Nyaya

A burnt cloth retains its form until it is touched by somebody. When the burnt cloth is touched, it just turns into ashes! Similarly, eventhough a sage hardens his body by penance etc., if he is overwhelmed with ego, he is finished at the very moment.

6. Arunthathi Nyaya

In order to point out the Arunthathi nakshatra, people will point out the neighbouring stars and lastly identify the Arunthathi's location, Likewise, by gradations only great things in life could be achieved.

7. Bija Vriksha Nyaya

For tree, seed is a base. But, without tree, how can we get seed? What is the moral here? For everything, there is one opposite view; things in the world are interdependent!

8. Kaka Thantha Nyaya

If we search for teeth in crow's mouth, can we succeed? Certainly not! Similarly, it is futile to search for happiness in life!

9. Shouriga Putra Nyaya

A king once asked his barber to bring a handsom man. The barber could see none! At last, he brought his own son in front of the king. His love and affection towards his son, made him so! Similar is this world! People always utter and support what they want.

10. Gatasascha Nyaya

Pointing inside a pot, we say, this is 'inside'. But, where is the 'inside', if the pot breaks into pieces? Similarly, our world is full of illusions! 


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